HP Advisor

Hewlett-Packard (Freeware)

HP Advisor is a program that monitors and checks a computer’s status or “health” by analyzing the performance of processes and applications. HP Advisor is a default install program for Hewlett Packard computers and is made available for download for other computer platforms in the Hewlett Packard support website.

HP Advisor monitors a variety of hardware and processes that give information regarding the computer’s performance status. It provides security information regarding the computer’s anti-virus software, firewall, and Internet security programs. It informs the user if the said applications are up to date, and are performing smoothly. Aside from managing the computer’s security features, HP Advisor also monitors Internet connection by providing information on connectivity, internet speed, and details on the user’s Internet Service provider (ISP). HP Advisor could also assist the user in setting up a new Internet connection if needed.

HP Advisor also checks the status of external devices connected to the user’s computer such as scanners and printers. For printers, HP Advisor shows information on the amount of printer supplies, like paper and ink levels. In addition, the program monitors the amount of available storage on the computer’s hard drive. If the hard drive’s memory reaches critical level, HP advisor would prompt the user to clean the hard drive by deleting unnecessary files or by defragmenting the affected hard drive.

Other features include a display of the computer’s power status. For laptops, this would appear as a battery icon that would change its color if the power reaches a low level. HP advisor also serves as a back-up tool by creating a back-up file of important files and settings. HP Advisor operates automatically and simply informs the user of hardware and software status by means of command prompts and pop-up displays.