Hoyle Puzzle and Board Games 2011

Hoyle (Proprietary)

Hoyle Puzzle and Board Games 2011 is a collection of around 30 traditional and popular hit games that include memory games, strategy games, word games, board games, card games, brain teasers, and family favorites, among others. The rules of the games included have been designed by Hoyle Company. The game collection includes the Hoyle Face Creator that the players can use to create their own characters. The players can decide how they will look like, in terms of facial features as well as clothing. The newest version does not need an installer so it can be played readily on the personal computer.

Hoyle Puzzle and Board Games 2011 allows the players to play on the same computer and compete with their friends on the classic games or play solo and take the high score. They can also compete with the Hoyle characters that they can personalize and design. As the player wins, he or she ranks higher on the skills level and is able to garner Hoyle rewards which can be utilized in unlocking fun bonuses. An example of a fun game bonus is the Boonka that is comprised of over 60 fast-paced levels, 15 power-ups and bonuses, 3 game modes, and a unique gameplay.