Hoyle Casino Games 2011

Encore, Inc. (Proprietary)

A casino is one of the many places out there that offers different classic games. Players are engaged in an experience full of high-stake thrills, mind games, and strategy. Over the years people have won and lost yet the games are kept the same. This time, Hoyle Games tries to take it to the next level, wherein avid casino players would be able to enjoy their favorite casino games in the comfort of their own living room. With the help of Sierra Entertainment and Encore, Inc. Hoyle Games was able to release “Hoyle Casino Games 2011” in 2010. It is an improved version of its predecessors which include 10 well known casino games.

Hoyle Casino Games 2011’s key feature is the virtual experience of a real casino, including the rules of the games that casino players love. The game now has easy-to-read playing cards with improved game logic. It also features a rulebook so that beginners would be able to understand the mechanics of each game. The software also has improved the speed of the game play by applying shortcut keys. The game also allows players to select or customize their own avatar from a wide range of characters and personalities.