Hoyle Casino Empire

Encore Software, Inc. (Proprietary)

Hoyle Casino is a management strategy tycoon game developed by Sierra Entertainment and released by Encore Software. In this game, the player takes on the role of a casino manager who operates multiple joints on the Las Vegas gambling strip. The object of the game is for the player to build the reputation of the casinos in order to gain more “stars”. This can be accomplished by getting celebrities to go to the casinos’ events, improving the appearance of the casinos, and enhancing the entertainment. In addition to earning “stars”, the player must also move his/her casinos up all four levels by paying the appropriate number of “stars”. As a casino goes up a level, it also gains new features like hotel rooms and games.

The plot kicks off a tutorial. It features the main character speaking with his cousin who owns a casino that he could not manage. He named the place Buddy’s Casino, which has a vintage feel to it. The goal of the tutorial is for the player to earn $20,000 as well as achieve a rating of 75 stars within a two-year period. In this mission, the player will learn how to perform various tasks in the game like accessing the bank account and adding events to the casino.