Hoyle Card Games 2011

Hoyle (Proprietary)

Hoyle Card Games 2011 is a card game suite developed and released by Hoyle in 2000. This game suite features several games from solo card games to multi-player card games. It includes little known card games like Canasta and Old Maid, to typical modern card games like Poker and Solitaire. This game suite also features Slots games like video poker and video blackjack. It also features multi-hand and single hand gameplay. This game also features a standard set of characters that players may choose to join a particular game.

Hoyle Card Games 2011 features some customization options. It features a Hoyle Face Creator tool. This enables players to create and design their own avatar. This game suite also features an assortment of card backs and front designs built-in the program. Players also have a choice to adjust the play speed of any game. Every win rewards the player with winnings. These may then be used to upgrade the character or to include selections to the trophy room.

Hoyle Card Games 2011 features three card game type—Solo games, Competitive games, and Team games. It also features card games like Backroom Blackjack, Astro Jack, and Special 21s. Single hand gameplay features 17 varieties. Multi-hand gameplay features 3 varieties. This game also offers the player game rules and some tips while playing.