Hoyle Card Games 2010

Encore (Proprietary)

Hoyle Card Games  is a card game collection developed by Encore and released on June 2009. The program includes all the latest card games for solo play, as well as for multiple players. The program features more than 150 card games of different variations. Some of them are Poker, Hearts, Gin Rummy, Solitaire, Spades, Cribbage, and Euchre, among others. The game collection contained over 45 variations of the card game Solitaire. The program also offers card games geared towards younger players. Some child-friendly games include Old Maid, War, and Go Fish.

Hoyle Card Games enable users to create and design their own player avatar. Players can customize the face shape, hair style, outfit, and even the eye color of their respective avatars. The players can also compete against 25 other characters with varying personalities. It can be a talking dinosaur with a propensity for talking trash or a talkative Vegas car driver. Players can learn how to play the more complicated games using the Official Rules According to Hoyle handbook included in the game. The game also comes with in-game currency which can be earned by playing and winning games, as well as card customization capabilities. Players can choose from 35 designs for the card back and 4 fonts for the card text. The game also enables users to customize the game background, as well as the music and sound effects.