Hoyle Blackjack

Encore Software, Inc. (Shareware)

A full-featured blackjack simulation game, Hoyle Blackjack captures several aspects of casino-gambling. It provides 16 blackjack games. The rules are simple, but the game also gives room for players to showcase their abilities to use sophisticated strategies. There are games to familiarize players with the art of playing blackjack. Examples of these are standard table blackjack and video blackjack. To further test or upgrade their skill levels, players can also enter tournaments and aim for big cash prizes.

Novice players can access the in-game manual as well as a separate strategy guide. Additionally, a component called the “BlackJack Calculator” permits them to determine the probabilities in nearly every blackjack game.

The game begins with the player receiving $5,000 in chips and another $5,000 in the bank. There is an ATM in the casino for bank withdrawals. Users can choose from two modes of play: standard and tournament. They can play one-on-one with the dealer, computer-controlled opponents, or with real players (up to three) using the Sierra Internet Gaming System. The program also lets players pick from various casino play styles. They can likewise modify certain facets such as the quantity of decks at the table and the limit for the number of splits allowed in each game.