Howie's Quick Screen Capture

Howie's Funware (Freeware)

As its name implies, Howie's Quick Screen Capture is an application designed to take a snapshot of the computer screen or currently active window. This program has simple and easy-to-use interface with the necessary functions prominently shown.

This program has a Preferences tab where users can specify if they would like to capture all of the opened windows or just the active one. This section also lets users choose which folder they would like to save images in, and in what format. The program is able to save screenshots in popular image formats such as JPEG, PNG, TIF, and BMP. This tab also contains options for setting the screen capture time interval and for disabling the sound effect (a camera click) played when a screenshot is taken. The typical key for capturing screenshots is the PrintScreen key, but users may also specify a custom key, called a hotkey or grab key.

The program’s timer feature is effective when users want to take screenshots automatically on a periodic basis, as when capturing still shots from a movie, or when monitoring activities on a shared computer. Users can specify the hours, minutes, and seconds of the time interval.

Howie's Quick Screen Capture has a help section where tips and guidelines are written down for those using the program for the first time.