HoverDesk (Freeware)

HoverIP is a set of tools that provides users with the ability to view network information and perform different IP- and network-related tasks. This program package is developed for the use of professional users, particularly IT managers and network technicians. This IP toolset has a simple interface with a tabbed layout that provides users with easy access to its features. The tabs are for the following features: ping, IP configuration, routing table, MAC address, DNS servers, gateway, note type, lease information, and DHCP status.

One of the features of the program is its ability to display IP Config information. It is able to provide details about the user’s IP address, the Connected Network Card, the DNS, default Gateway, information about the IP lease expiration, assigned DHCP IP address, and the MAC address.

HoverIP also allows users to do the following tasks:
• View Traceroute – users can see the route taken by a host’s packets across the IP network
• View Routing Tables – users can also add and delete routes
• Scan ports – users can search for open ports at a specified host
• Perform Nslookup – also known as name server lookup. This feature allows users to query DNS servers and see the DNS details, such as the MX records, and IP address of a computer.
• Apply Ping command – users can check whether a particular host or domain is connecting or is already available