House M.D.

Legacy Interactive (Proprietary)

House M.D. is a computer video game based on the television series with the same title. In the game, players assume the role of Dr. House and solve medical mysteries in Princeton Plainsboro hospital. The game features five episodes that all have unique storylines. It is the player’s goal to diagnose and cure the patient presented in each episode. The members of the entire team from the series also make appearances in the game to help Dr. House diagnose patients.

House M.D. is a point and click game where players can conduct patient interviews, examine them, do surgery or do laboratory tests. The level starts out with the player checking the patient’s symptoms. There are different medical instruments to use. Players also get to play mini-games in the form of searching scenes and other puzzles. When using tools, players can only use the right tools as others can’t be used if they are not required in the testing phase.

Other features of the game are listed below:

• Comes with interesting patient stories for hours of gameplay
• Fun mini games that can be challenging for users
• Comes with great game graphics
• Can be played by just using the mouse
• Features different characters from the television show