Hour of Victory

Midway Home Entertainment Inc (Proprietary)

Hour of Victory is a World War II shooter created by the company, nFusion Interactive. The player has three character options, each with his own abilities. The Army Ranger sniper character can launch a grappling hook in a few areas, the covert operative has the ability to hide from plain sight and pick locks, and the British commando has the ability to push heavy objects around and withstand several hits before dying. Regardless of the character, the player’s main goal is to kill as many Nazis as possible. However, Ross the commando has the most health out of the three characters.

The game offers a variety of war vehicles from which players can choose. The selection includes Panzers, Kubelwagens, Tiger tanks, and Sherman tanks. Every time the player manages to elude enemy fire, his/her health is restored. A feature called a stamina meter controls the player’s speed. Players can take anywhere from five to seven hours in the single-player mode. The multiplayer mode allows a maximum of 12 players and offers three options through Xbox Live Play or System Link: Capture the Flag, Devastation, and Team Deathmatch. In Devastation mode, player battle against each other to control a bomb, which they use to kill enemy targets.