hott notes 4 4.1

Joel Riley (Freeware)

Hott Notes 4 is a tool that places notes on the computer desktop. This application can help users organize tasks and remember schedules. This application has a simple interface that is easy to use. The display settings of the notes can be configured; users can create and apply themes, choose the paper color, set the translucency level, and select the font to be used for the notes. The notes may be edited by simply double-clicking one and then hitting the Done button after making changes. Users can also make checklists and draw doodles on the notes. The scribble notes can vary in size and adjusted to the user’s preference.

Hott Notes 4 has four tabs that contain functions allowing the user to customize their notes. One tab lets the user center the text on the note and adjust the font size. Another tab contains the options for note color. A third tab lets users set an alarm to remind them of an appointment or deadline. The fourth tab feature adjusts a note’s opacity to make it as transparent and unobtrusive as possible.

This application features a Note Manager to assist users in managing a large number of notes. This tool provides access to the notes on the desktop, in the archives, and even those that have been placed in the wastebasket. The Note Manager supports batch operations.