HotShot Application

PlayQ (Freeware)

HotShot Application is an arcade game created by PlayQ and played on the social networking site Facebook. This game is played by eliminating orange pegs from the screen or board with a ball before the stock of balls run out. The balls are fired from a cannon that is located at the top center of the game screen. Players can move the direction of the cannon. Once released, the ball goes through the pegs and hits these. At the bottom of the screen is a moving bucket; if the ball lands in it after bouncing on the pegs, the player gets a free ball. When the player manages to hit the last orange peg, the bucket at the bottom will be replaced by a row of bins. Each bin has a corresponding amount of bonus points. Players earn points by removing all of the orange pegs and when balls fall into the bonus bins.

The HotShot Application has a user-friendly interface and comes with colorful graphics. It also includes sound effects, which can be turned off if preferred. Since it is an app on a social networking site, the game also features a “Friend Activity”, badges, Pro Scores, and badges. Users can also invite their Facebook friends to play the game.