HalfBaked (Freeware)

HotPotatoes is a suite that consists of six programs that are used for creating exercises or tests for websites. The six programs are JCloze, JMatch, JMix, JQuiz, JCross, and The Masher. The first five programs allow users to create crossword puzzles, matching tests, fill in the blanks, short answer questions, and multiple-choice questions. The Masher application compiles all of the questions into one test. The program was first released in 2008.

The exercises from HotPotatoes are created using HTML 1.1 code. This is supported by popular web browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox, Phoenix, Safari, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer. The application supports Unicode and allows users to create exercises in any language without having to worry about how the characters will be displayed on a website. Users do not need to have special knowledge about JavaScript or XHTML to use the application. Advanced users can change some parts of the exercises with HTML or JavaScript codes.

Users can create exercises by entering questions, answers, and other data that will be used for the exercises. Afterwards, the application will automatically create the web pages containing the exercises. Users need a separate license to use The Masher application. Users can view a comprehensive guide for using the program on the program’s website.