Hotel Mogul - Las Vegas

Alawar Entertainment (Shareware)

Hotel Mogul: Las Vegas is a time management game where players are tasked to build a hotel empire in Las Vegas. Players have money in the bank account to work with in order to start building some structures. In each level, players have several goals to accomplish before the time is up. These goals may be building certain structures or earning a certain amount of money. Players must hire people and purchase materials in order to build structures. Certain structures are more expensive than others, but they also reap greater rewards. The more structures are built, the more customers are attracted to the location.

Money collected from each level may be used to purchase items from the shop. There are four tabs that consist of items for improving the city. These are general items, commercial, decorative, and service. Each item provides a description to allow players to choose wisely and purchase the best item to increase profit. The game offers tutorials for the first level to familiarize the player with the different parts of the game. The first few levels are easy, but the game gets more difficult as the game progresses. More customers also visit hotels on higher levels.