Hot Wheels(tm) Velocity X

Beyond Games (Freeware)

Hot Wheels (tm) Velocity X is a racing video game released in 2002. This game is an advanced version of the earlier Hot Wheels Game that can only be played through Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance devices only. This version of the game provides players with 11 additional power-up items and weapons. This game takes players to five simulation worlds and 15 different cities. The game provides challenges and obstacles in the form of humps, narrow streets, and looping turns.  

One of the playing modes in Hot Wheels (tm) Velocity X is the adventure mode. This mode consists of 14 missions to be completed by the players. The objective of the game is to destroy other vehicles, collect items, and eventually race against a boss or high level vehicle. An in-game map, which changes in every 3 missions, is also available for players to view. Two of the map themes are Turbine Sands and Monument City, which is characterized by tall buildings and road curves.

Hot Wheels (tm) Velocity X is not just a racing game, it is also a mission game that enables participants to complete missions to level up or acquire a specific item. This game consists of 33 cars that can be unlocked by completing previous tasks. Each car is diverse in speed, grip, and armor.