Hot Virtual Keyboard 8.0

Comfort Software Group (Shareware)

Hot Virtual Keyboard is an application that allows users to type on a virtual keyboard. Users can type using their mouse. Touchscreen is also supported.

Hot Virtual Keyboard lets users utilize gestures to quickly do changes. These changes include inserting spaces and changing the letter's casing. Keys can be programmed to perform tasks that are repeated usually. These include copying and pasting. There is also an option to control opened windows' behavior.

Hot Virtual Keyboard has a "Word Auto-Complete" feature. This feature let users type words faster. These can be done with the software's ability to suggest words based on just one or two inserted letter taps. This feature is accurate. It can work even on mobile phones and communicators such as car computers. This tool supports international languages installed on Windows. It can be customized to the users' liking. Among the elements that can be customized are the background, sounds, key fonts, color, and shape.

This tool also has the ability to control Windows behavior. Keys can be assigned with different actions. Among them are the following:

• Connect/Disconnect from a network
• Volume (Up, Down, Mute)
• CD/DVD (Eject, Close)
• Monitor (On, Off)
• Screen Save (Start)