Hot Rod American Street Drag

Value Software (Shareware)

Hot Rod American Steet Drag is a racing game based on American drag-racing culture. The application uses the PC as a platform. It features 20 automobiles picked as favorites by editors of Hot Rod magazine. The magazine deals exclusively with hot rodding, or modifying cars to improve their appearance and maximize their performance. The term “Hot rod” was popularized in the 1930s and 1940s as the general label for cars that underwent significant engine modification in a variety of ways to boost their power.

There are four courses designed to develop and test the gamer's drag-racing skills. The game begins with the player receiving seed money ($5,000) to buy a car and turn it into a race-worthy vehicle. The money obtained from winning races can be used to get parts and upgrades for the car. The more funds are acquired, the more the player is able to buy upgrades. Success in the race also depends on the player's ability to select upgrades wisely. Proper customization of the car is one game aspect that helps the player achieve a proper combination of balance, handling, and speed. There are thousands of combinations of body, chassis, and engine parts that can turn the car into a winner. At the end of the game and in the storyline, the winning car lands on the digital cover of Hot Rod magazine.