Hot Keyboard 4.5.46

Imposant (Shareware)

Hot Keyboard is an application that enables users to create macros for tasks or commands that are often used on the computer. Macros can be created for opening programs, opening folders, opening websites, shutting down the computer, searching for applications, and many others. The application comes with a setup wizard where users can find the most common operations that take time doing. Users can then set a hotkey for these specific tasks so that doing them can be done in just a few keyboard strokes.

Other features of the Hot Keyboard application are the following:

• Support for creating schedules for activating macros for certain tasks
• Integrated within Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer
• Support for printing out macros commands for reference
• Capable of running several macros one after another
• Support for server and client for enabling macros through a network

Hot Keyboard minimizes as an icon on the system tray when its main window is not in use. Users can also browse through the available actions of macros through the main interface. There are three sections available – General, Computer Management, and Scripting. Users can also select how to run a macro under the Properties window. Macros can be run through the scheduler, at Windows startup, via hotkeys, through Window popup, or through a text shortcut.