HostsMan 4.0.95 (Freeware)

HostsMan is an application used for easy editing of Hosts files. Users are able to access exclusion lists, backups, updates, and duplicates scans. Network nodes are managed and adding appropriate lines block images, spyware, pop-ups, and access to distinct websites. System backups are recommended prior to editing, merging, and overwriting Hosts files.

Program interface is minimal and contains three Options which are file update using online version, file update via manual editing, and enabling and disabling Hosts. The system tray allows for easy access of program functions. Online Hosts files can be downloaded which include large volumes of listings and entries that are able to block ads and numerous malicious domains. Manual file editing can be done more easily by expert or knowledgeable computer users. An integrated Hostsman editor allows users to be made aware of possible duplicates, errors, and hijacks from Internet files. An exclusion list can also be modified to prevent certain hostnames to be included in Hosts files. The program gives users the option to backup existing hosts files and disable the client service for DNS. Host files modifications include modifying IP addresses and incorporating comments and entries. Other program features include most recent blocked sites log, encrypted hosts files backup, hosts files merging, and automatic and online program updates.