Horse Life Demo

Deep silver (Proprietary)

Horse Life Demo is the trial version of the game Ellen Whitaker’s Horse Life. In this game, players are introduced to the step-by-step process of horse breeding. Menus and instructions are available for the players to help them bring up a pony into a well-nurtured horse.

At the beginning of the game, players choose a horse that suits their preferences. They should then take care of the horse as best as they can by making sure it is fed and groomed well. The other tasks involved in caring for the horse are the following:  

• Feeding
• Brushing and grooming
• Cleaning up the horse’s stable and shed
• Taking the horse out for a tour around the beautiful landscape

Once the horse has a healthy living and a happy environment, then it is ready to be raced against other horses. Horse Life Demo also offers training for owners in teaching discipline to their horses. Trainings for horses include jumping on ramps of varying heights until the horse does a perfect jump. Racing against other horses in different levels of difficulty is another kind of training. Continuous horse achievement means it will be able to compete in other tournaments. The more experience a horse has, the greater its edge to win in each race.

There are also different accessories and equipment available, such as saddle slots, helmets, and riding boots. Players can select the best accessories that fit their horse before going to the field.