Hone Planet 3.3a (Freeware)

Home Planet is a utility in the public domain that functions primarily as a satellite tracking package with applications in the study of astronomy and space projects. It offers users with a sky map, an Earth map, panels that show the position of the planets of the Solar system and phase data of the Moon and the Sun, among others. The program that is intended for computer systems that are running on Windows NT 4.0, Windows 95/98/, Windows ME, Windows 2000/XP and higher versions.

Home Planet gives users a means to view objects in the night sky using a telescope window. This window can be aimed at the night sky. Users may select a specific object in the given catalogue or enter a set of coordinates. The telescope window also allows for the plotting of stellar magnitudes so that the user can come up with comparison star charts. The Object Catalogue allows for archiving of relevant data on celestial bodies.

The program also offers users a horizon window, which provides the view toward the horizon, which is generated via a user-extensible DDL that works at any given azimuth. This particular function may be customized with the addition of randomly generated scenes or fractal forged terrain. Home Planet may be downloaded as shareware. The full version comes without a fee and no registration is required either.