Homespun Instant Access

Homespun Tapes (Freeware)

Homespun Instant Access is a service application developed by a company called Homespun Tapes. It is an efficient program that can be used not only to maintain a multimedia library but also to stream and share the available files with other users.

This program is considered to be an economical solution to the buying and storage concerns of consumers when it comes to their multimedia files. Apart from storing audio and video components, Homespun Instant Access can also be used for archiving digital lessons for streaming or viewing at a later time. There is an instant access player that comes with the Homespun Instant Access program and it acts as the default player for library files. The great thing about this program is that it does not only work on computers but also on other mobile devices like Smartphones and tablets.

Users that rely on the Homespun Instant Access can enjoy features such as instant delivery wherein the files they purchase can instantly be accessed. All of the purchased files are also archived. Should there be any data loss due to device problems, these files can be re-downloaded using any device at no extra cost. All that is needed are one’s user details.