Kaos Studios (Proprietary)

Homefront is a first person shooter (FPS) video game developed by Kaos Studios and released in March 2011. Players play as US resistance members fighting against North Korean forces occupying the United States. Homefront follows the story of helicopter pilot Robert Jacobs that was saved by resistance forces on his way to the North Korean military base. He was taken to Oasis, a resistance encampment where he met the some resistance members Boone, Connor, and Rianna.

Homefront is available for play in single-player and multiplayer mode. Single player mode features guerilla-style strategies and combat. The surroundings are localized with the addition of local brands and real companies in the US. Single player campaign is largely character driven with average length of 5-10 hours of play depending on player experience. Homefront Multiplayer mode will be composed mostly of large-scale vehicle-based battles. During the game, players may earn battle points, which they may in turn use as in-game currency for buying equipment and vehicles. Points may be earned through missions and kill objectives. Before each mission, users may choose between choosing smaller-priced items like weapons and missiles, versus making larger purchases like tanks and helicopters. To play in online multiplayer mode, players each get an online pass for every game purchase. Those without an online pass may still be able to play the game online. However, they may reach only up to level 5 out of 75 levels.