HomeFree Manager

AVerMedia (Shareware)

HomeFree Manager is the supporting application that manages information and data transfers to and from PCs,mobile device units, and the HomeFree TV tuner. The TV tuner operates over a LAN connection and it transforms any device into a videostream-capable unit. The device allows its users to enjoy digital television programming in their laptops, tablets, and PCs. The HomeFree Manager application makes it possible for the digital television data to efficiently be transferred onto a particular device for hassle-free viewing.

AVerMedia is responsible for developing this particular program. Equipped with an efficiency modulator, there is no lag time experienced by the end-user. The HomeFree Manager also has several components that allow for the preservation of the high definition elements of the digital TV shows during the streaming process, making it feel as if the user was watching shows directly from a television set.

The HomeFree Manager also comes with a record-capable feature, which allows users to record shows while watching them or record shows that they want to view at a later time. With this features, users can watch their favorite shows at their own convenience. All that the HomeFree Manager needs to function is a strong and stable connection to any local area network.