Home Sweet Home

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Home Sweet Home is an interior design simulation game developed by the company, Big Blue Bubble. It combines puzzle solving and real-time strategy elements and places the player in the role of a professional home decorator. A character named Dee Ziner acts as the player’s guide in the mechanics of the game. The player’s main challenge is to come up with a creative design for each of his/her 50 clients based on their respective preferences, without going beyond the set budget. To determine a client’s design preference, the player must solve riddles that provide clues about their personalities. The given budget adds to the player’s challenge, as s/he must determine the right combination of furniture pieces and home accessories in order to fulfill the client’s requirements.

To decorate a room, the player must drag selected items and drop them on bare spaces. They can be moved around and rearranged until a desired design is reached. The game offers more than 400 pieces from which players can choose to fill up their design projects. The primary goal of each project is to meet or exceed the given satisfaction rate whilst using the required number of items. It is also worth knowing that the placement of an item is just as important as the item itself; therefore, if the right piece of furniture is selected but it is placed on the wrong spot, the client might give the player a thumbs down. To advance in this game, the player must find a balance among three crucial elements: item selection, item placement, and budget.