Hollywood FX

Pinnacle Systems, Inc. (Shareware)

Hollywood FX is a set of video transitions that can be used with the Pinnacle Studio video editing software. The program consists of more than 20 themes that have 16 transitions each. Some of the themes and transitions include ripples and fades, words and icons, shapes, borders, wedding, space, tropical vacation and many more. Users and video editors can make use of these transitions to create home videos and professional videos, too. Volumes 1 – 3 of the application are bundled with the Studio HD v.15, Avid Studio, Studio HD Ultimate v.15, and Studio HD Ultimate Collection v.15.

With the Hollywood FX application, editors have complete control over 3D rendering with the provided options. There are also options for keyframe editing. One of the features of the program is lighting control. Users can specify which direction the light shines to add to the look and feel of the video. There is also an option for controlling the direction of shadows. Aside from adding transitions and controlling lights and shadows, editors can also add motion blur and motion trails to 3D objects. This can improve the transitions included in the video.

Other features of the application include the following:
morphing and transparency of objects
customize flight paths
control hold time
full 3D editing environment