Holiday Express 1.3

HipSoft LLC (Shareware)

Holiday Express is an inlay puzzle game wherein the player’s goal is to uncover festive pictures by strategically placing gifts, which act as puzzle tiles, in the playing field. The player has to cover the entire playing field before running out of moves.

The game consists of several elements including a train, gifts, conveyor belt, and cargo return. The train serves as the playing field where the gifts are to be placed. The gifts are the puzzle tiles, which can be placed anywhere in the train. These gifts are shown one by one on the conveyor belt. The player has the option to choose whatever gifts he/she prefers. Gifts can be rotated as well. The player must not fill the conveyor belt with gifts or else the game ends. If there is a gift that is not required to complete the puzzle, the player can drop this in the cargo return area to prevent filling up the conveyor belt. The game also features Singles, which are special puzzle pieces that can be placed on areas where typical gifts do not fit. The game also provides power-ups that can help a player complete a level. Some of these power-ups include a bomb, additional time, row fill, and more.