Holdem Manager

RVG Software Ltd (Shareware)

Hold’em Manager is a poker analytics application that boosts a player’s win rate and gives them the advantage they need to move up. This software is ideal for both offline and online poker players as it delivers the objective information they need to enhance their gameplay tactics as well as take advantage of their opponents’ game weaknesses. For instance, the program allows a player to review and analyze his or her cards on hand by using the Hand Replayer feature.

Hold’em Manager is designed to help players improve their poker skills, whether they are novices or experts. The software has various features that are integrated in an intuitive graphical user interface.

Hold'em Manager provides real-time analysis to enable players to make winning decisions at the tables, or even analyze a game away from the table. The software comes with 1,000 metrics, which players can capitalize on to improve their game. Furthermore, the program allows a player to customize the built-in head-up display.

Some features that come with the software include:

• Integrated iPhone apps and Poker widgets
• A customizable user interface
• Ability to display hundreds of statistics, graphs and reports
• Tournament results and filters reported automatically
• Unlimited database size