Holdem Genius

Network G (Freeware)

Holdem Genius is an application that assists players when playing poker. It is capable of calculating the odds when playing a hand, and also gives users real-time betting advice. The advice that players are given depends on the strength of their hand, the community cards, the players’ outs, and the cards that their opponents are likely to have.

Players can adjust the application’s settings based on their own playing style; for instance, if they tend to be aggressive from the start of the game or in the latter part. When the settings have been adjusted to suit a user’s playing style, the player stands a bigger chance of winning a game by following the program’s card-playing advice.

This application is able to show the player’s odds, winning percentages, and outs immediately, so users can focus on their playing strategy and not on the math to be able to beat their opponents. With this application, players can concentrate on determining whether their opponents are bluffing or not. It lets players devote their attention to tracking the playing behavior or style of their opponents so they can determine the next move their opponents will make and diverse their own strategy based on the odds presented by the program.