Onset Computer Corporation (Shareware)

HOBOware is a program suite intended for graphing and data analysis for HOBO data loggers. This application package enables users to easily view and plot data into graphs, as well as export the data to spreadsheets for analysis. With this tool, data loggers can be quickly set up for deployment. It has a simple and intuitive interface that enables users to manage files efficiently, set preferences for font styles and axis scaling, and present professional-quality graphs.

This program suite has advanced capabilities for graphing and analysis purposes, including the following:

• Time-saving features – multiple data loggers can be launched and offloaded quickly. This is done by bypassing default setup actions.
• Data Assistants – these tools enable users to simplify the process of data analysis by tailoring it for a specific application. Examples of Data Assistants include Barometric Compensation, Pulse Scaling, Conductivity, Growing Degree Days, Linear Scaling, Grains per Pound, and kWh Assistant.
• Graph viewing options – users can zoom in on a particular point of interest, view multiple parameters, and view data in different formats.

HOBOware is available in Pro and Lite versions. The Pro version includes all of the advanced features and supports all HOBO loggers and other HOBO applications. The Lite version offers the basic readout, data plotting, and launch features.