Hobby Farm

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Hobby Farm is a farming-themed time management game developed by Primerose Solutions and Big Fish Games. The story revolves a character named Jill, who has always dreamed of having her own farm on an island. She and her husband go on a trip to a tropical paradise to spend some quality time, but soon discover an abandoned farm that looks like it has been untended for a long time. Jill quickly springs into action and starts to work on the land to transform it into the dream farm she has always had.

As Jill, the player must cultivate the land by growing various crops like fruits and vegetables as well as raise livestock and poultry. Once the fruits and vegetables are harvested, they can be sold for money. On the other hand, milk from cows, eggs from chickens, and fur from sheep can also be sold for earnings. The player can spend the money on machine upgrades, new plant seeds, and more animals. Exotic and seasonal plants yield more expensive crops, so it will be easier for the player to raise a huge amount of money. The raw products can also be made into by-products, which can also be sold to buyers. Challenges include thieves that visit at night the animals’ inability to produce milk or eggs. However, bonus points can be earned if the player manages to prevent thieves from stealing anything.