HMIReports® Reporting System

Ocean Data Systems Ltd. (Proprietary)

The HMIReports Reporting System by Wonderware is an operations management solution. HMI Reports provides users with the ability to generate reports from raw data without requiring skills or expertise in programming. With this application, business data from multiple sources can be transformed into usable and presentable information in a format that may easily and quickly understood by CEOs, clients, stockholders, and other business executives. The reports that are created using this program may be shared or sent via email, printed out, or uploaded to a website.

This application reduces the amount it takes to write reports because users can do data collation and report creation can be done easily, and from one application. This application can be used in conjunction with other Wonderware and HMI programs as well; integration tools may be utilized to access the data from InTouch and Historian. It can also integrate data from programs supporting ODBC, OLE DB, and OPC standards.

The HMIReports Reporting System provides easy-to-understand menus, customizable report designs, simple interfaces, dialog boxes, and user-friendly intelligent report objects for users. In addition to these, it also offers report generation features and enhanced security functions. Through the application’s integrated security measures, users can specify the contacts that can access the created reports. Users can also define who can modify or generate new reports.