HKTunes 1.7

Michael Michta (Freeware)

HKTunes is a program designed to control iTunes using the computer keyboard. The user of the utility is given the capability to control iTunes with the use of global hotkeys. This is a program that works only in Windows systems and solves issues that users encounter due to the lack of built-in hotkey support of iTunes.

HKTunes has the following basic functions:
• Changing track and volume of the music in the middle of playing a game
• Defining of custom hotkeys for iTunes functions including track changes, play and pause controls
• Using the computer keyboard for the following controls: next track, previous track, play, pause, volume up, and volume down

Essentially, HK tunes is the tool to use for people who want to control their iTunes tracks using the computer keyboard. The selection of hotkeys is possible through a GUI and a tray menu. Once the hotkey is set for every action, there is no need to open iTunes windows when the user wants to listen to his or her favorite audio tracks. HKTunes can be minimized in the system tray, thus it does not require that much space both in the desktop and in the disk memory. HKTunes is a simple and lightweight app that can be freely downloaded from the Internet.