HJSplit 3.0 (Freeware)

HJSplit is a Windows-based application developed by used for splitting files. The program supports file size of up to 100 Gigabytes. It is used mainly for splitting files. However, it also offers other functions like combining and creating checksums.

The Split button opens the program’s split screen where the split file size can be configured. After completing the Split action, the output file will be saved in the same directory as the original file. To combine two files, the program offers the Join button, which opens the Join screen. When combining split files, the files should have the same filename but with different extensions in the end (i.e. .001, .002, .003 and so on). The user is required to choose the first file using the Input File button. The program will also automatically detect the other files if they are stored in the same folder as the first one.

HJSplit can also be used for comparing two files. The Compare button is used to check if two files are equal or not. The program also features the Checksum button. This functionality is used for generating checksum from different files. Checksum is a short letter and/or number sequence that are generated from the files’ content using HJSplit or other programs. The Checksum window also offers a Copy button for copying the generated checksum.