Hit'n'Mix Ltd (Proprietary)

Hit’n’Mix is an audio program used by novice and professional DJs in order to strip down music to its basic elements. This allows users to create their own mash-ups with the stripped-down versions of songs. Songs can also be layered to achieve unique sounds. Audio tracks imported to the application are converted into Rips, which are versions of the file where the notes and other components of the audio file are saved in different tracks. The program allows users to import up to three audio files at the same time.

The program’s toolbar consists of different command buttons for making changes to the audio file. The application displays the noise and notes of a file separately to make it easier to edit tracks. The window can be changed to Notes View or Skeleton View based on the user’s needs. There are also preset options for changing the style of music. Some of the styles included in the application are summer, edgy, blues, far east, blues, and many others.

Other features of the Hit’n’Mix application are the following:

• support for editing percussion and noise
• provides visualizations for the audio files
• support for changing notes to a higher or lower register