HitmanPro 3.7.1 Build 186

SurfRight B.V. (Shareware)

HitmanPro is a malware removal application developed by SurfRight B.V. It is used for detecting and removal of different types of malware including Trojan, virus, worms, adwares and more. Its scanning process is done using comprehensive behavioral analysis and cloud computing. Scanning using a cloud engine enables the program to use multiple anti-malware engines simultaneously. HitmanPro is a standalone program. It can work without having to install the program on the system.

Users can also track the scanning process in real-time. This provides users the ability to easily view possible threats in a computer system. The program also offers different actions on the detected issue. Threats can be ignored, quarantined, reported as safe or deleted. After the scan, the application also provides a brief description on each of the detected problems. It also displays the risk level for the threats.

HitmanPro does not scan alphabetically. Instead, it checks the disk objects on your disk in physical order. This process lowers the stress put on a hard drive. Aside from this, the program is also capable of performing tasks concurrently with its multi-threaded feature. Scanning every file on a system is also not included in the scanning process. This is because the program has its own profile standard systems, which can identify good files.