Hitman - Codename 47

IO Interactive (Proprietary)

Hitman - Codename 47 is a game involving stealth, action, and adventure which features the adventures of Agent 47. This game’s developer is IO Interactive.  The game was released on November 2000. Agent 47, the protagonist, is a cloned test subject who is highly trained in murder and mayhem. He escaped from his test facility and was hired by a European contract killing organization, called the Agency. The game serves as the initial installment in the series of Hitman games.

Hitman - Codename 47 gameplay is experienced from a third person perspective, however game controls are limited to strafing, turning, and moving forward, which are rather similar to a first-person shooter perspective. The game features an open game environment for all levels. The game features fairly linear game progress, with the goal of finding the target person on each level and killing the target. The method of killing may vary on most levels depending on the situation. The aim is to approach and kill the target without attracting a violent reprisal. However, killing an unintended target or a civilian earns the player point deductions in terms of money.  Money is also the reward given for a successful mission, enabling the player to use the money to purchase ammo and weapon upgrades. Other movement capabilities include peeking around corners, climbing ladders, and balcony jumping. Agent 47 may also disguise himself by taking clothes of the killed target and wearing them.