Hitman - Blood Money

IO Interactive (Proprietary)

Hitman: Blood Money is a role-playing game in  the Hitman series. The game is an action-adventure story of Agent 47, a hitman. The player guides Agent 47 in killing antagonists, while making the deaths seem to be a result of accidents. The player uses a satellite topographical map to track the targets, as well as other characters in the story. Agent 47 utilizes different strategies to complete his missions. Just like the other games in the Hitman series, the player can be penalized for too much violence or too much noise, since the game praises stealth more than bloodshed.

In Blood Money, Agent 47 has improved  on his maneuvers. The character has better unarmed combat maneuvers, can climb obstacles, has more body disposal options, and can use a non-player character as a human shield. The game has a Notoriety system. When the character is caught on camera or performs a mission noisily, Agent 47's notoriety level increases. The game also has an enhanced engine that provides better animation and a more detailed character appearance. The player has the capacity to choose weapons and upgrade them. Game rating is based on the stealth performance of the player, with Silent Assassin as the highest rank.