HitFilm Ultimate

FXhome (Shareware)

HitFilm Ultimate is a powerful program that produces special effects for use in filmmaking. The most impressive feature of this advanced utility is the 3D particle stimulator, considered as the best in the industry today. Particle animation is music driven and has all the necessary features to enable the user to create fractal animations. The program will also time the movement of the particle arrays with the audio track.

The effects are now available as plugins and they are programmed to offer outcomes that are high performance and high quality. This is a versatile tool that provides basic visual effects, motion graphics, color grading, and green screen composting. The functions included provide filmmakers with a wide array of options that they can use during the filmmaking process.

HitFilm Ultimate by FXhome offers amateur and professional filmmakers with around 150 visual effects. Its lights and flares are particularly impressive because of the realism that they portray. HitFilm Ultimate also provides procedural fire and lighting effects, dynamic lens flares, 3D composting, 2D composting, 3D model rendering, feature tracking, and color correction and grading.

The program can also be easily integrated into the workflow. The interface allows for the creation of visual effects and video editing in the same interface. The program is available for both Windows and Mac.