HitFilm Standard

FXhome (Shareware)

HitFilm Standard is a program with functions that users can maximize in order to expand their toolkit for filmmaking. This program can be used for different purposes especially given the wide range of filters, composting features, and effects available. One of the highlights of this software is the drag-and-drop feature, which can be used to create explosions in just a few seconds. Overall, this is a utility that provides all the essential effects requirements of an adrenaline-driven action movie.

HitFilm Standard has numerous features, including multi-track video editing, motion blur, 3D gunfire, and 3D lighting as well. This program is particularly specialized for effects such as smoke, fire, gun muzzle flashes, explosions, sparks, as well as falling debris. This is a utility which also allows users to create their own virtual sets with its 3D composting features. Beginners will have no trouble maximizing its features. Meanwhile, advanced users are given a host of options so that they can come up with impressive visual effects for their movie projects.

HitFilm Standard by FXhome offers its users with an intuitive interface. With this program, a computer, and a video camera, a person who has a creative vision can utilize all the available tools to produce movies that are entertaining, visually compelling, and unforgettable.