HistoryViewer Application 5.1

Digital Forensics Studio (Freeware)

HistoryViewer Application is a tool for viewing the activities done on the system. The application lists down all the activities on the main window. It detects files that were opened, websites visited, applications used, movies watched, and many others. In addition, it also keeps a log of the web browser history including cookies and indexed files, URL history, and files that were downloaded.

The program’s main interface is simple. The left side of the main window has a tree view of the different sections (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Windows). The main part of the window shows the list of all the activities including the title, the URL, date and time when it was last visited, and other important information. The history reports displayed on the main window can be saved as a HTML file for reference. Here are the different sections supported by the HistoryViewer and the information that can be viewed:

• Internet Explorer – URL history, cookies, address bar, index.dat files
• Windows – search history, recent documents, last visited history, typed paths, USB storage history, and run history
• Firefox – URL history, form history, input history, downloads, and cookies
• Chrome – URL history, downloads, cookies, keyword searches, and top visited websites