Hip Hop eJay 4

eJay (Shareware)

eJay Hip Hop 4 is an audio mixing application developed by a company called eJay. It enables users to create high-quality hip-hop tracks and enhance them with various effects. Amateur users will easily figure out how to go about the music creation process as it features a simple and intuitive interface. Some of the sound effects that can be incorporated into a track are guitar licks, drum loops, keyboards, and recorded voices among others. The user can sing or rap over a created track, or add scratches using a virtual turntable, which is operated by the mouse. The user can come up with a bunch of effect combinations to create a unique track.

eJay Hip Hop 4 also offers a selection of music styles that includes Rhythm & Blues, Freestyle, Rap, and Beatbox to name a few. To create a new track, the user can manage up to five instruments in DJ port fashion. More experienced users can enhance their track breaks through the 48-track arranger feature in the program. MP3 and WAV files can be downloaded and saved as samples, so that users can add effects at a later time. Sound bites and effects appear in the form of blocks. Effects are added by simply dragging a loop to specific lines on the track.