Hip Hop 6

eJay (Proprietary)

Hip Hop 6 is a virtual music studio program developed by eJay. With this application, users will be able to create their own hip hop beats, songs, and sound clips for playing at clubs and gigs. Those who are only beginning to start their careers in making hip hop music or being DJs can easily use this application to create demos. This program comes included with a wide range of sounds and effects that users can choose from to mix together or integrate with existing tracks. The included sounds cover not only hip hop but other genres as well, such as Nu Skool, Old School, Reggae, Rap, Down South, Dancehall, Scratches, R&B, and Funk. There are more than 5,000 royalty-free beats, pro samples, patches, and loops that aspiring hip hop artists and DJs can use and practice with.

In addition to the sample music provided, Hip Hop 6 also has five virtual instruments that enable users to create a more diverse range of hip hop music: Bass Synth, Sample Loop Player, DJ Decks, Drum Machine, and Poly Synth. Users can start creating music with a beginner mode and switch to advanced mode later on when they become more adept at handling the virtual instruments. This program also provides users with nine notch effects, to which more can be added. These effects include compressor, equalizer, vocoder, reverb, echo, harmonizer, and distortion.