HijackThis 2.0.4

Trend Micro Inc. (Freeware)

HijackThis is a malware diagnostics application for Windows systems. It provides an in depth report of the system settings and the status of the registry. The program quickly scans the computer and then displays hijacking locations, registry entries, and many more. However, the program is not capable of detecting and removing spyware. All the results of the computer scan are placed in a log file. The log file is then used by professionals or advanced computer users to check what may have caused the infection of the computer. The safe and unsafe items are not separated on the results. This allows users to manually check each if it is safe or not.

Even if the program is not capable of detecting malware, it comes with some tools that can help users to remove malware from the computer. These tools can be used by experts. Novice computer users can also make use of the program. Once HijackThis finishes the computer scan and provides the results, the log file can be forwarded to experts on the developer’s forum. Experts can see which items are slowing down the system or causing problems.

Other features of HijackThis include the following:
Improved whitelisting
AnalyzeThis statistics
Improved support
Additional tools (task manager, hosts-file editor, alternate-data-stream scanner)
Cleaning of ActiveX desktop components