HighPoint RAID Management Service

HighPoint Technologies, Inc. (Proprietary)

HighPoint RAID Management Service is a utility used to monitor and control hard disks and RAIDs attached to HighPointRocketRAID controllers. RAID or Redundant Array of Independent Disks is a technology that allows a combination of multiple disk units into one. The combination of multiple disks into one enables data to be replicated and divided across multiple hard drives, leading to a more efficient device performance.  This software is specifically designed for disks attached to HighPointRocketRaid controllers.

HighPoint RAID Management Service’s user interface is intuitive with several menu functions on top such as Global View, Physical, Logical, Settings, Event, SHI and Recover. Under settings, users can choose to enable, disable, or define several components including the following:

• Auto Rebuild - This feature allows the program to rebuild the critical RAID array when a new or higher capacity disk is detected.
• Continuous rebuilding on error – This feature allows the software to continue rebuilding even if it encounters errors. If the user chooses to enable this function, he must be able to check the log of errors and fix them as this can cause data inconsistencies.
• Audible Alarm – This feature allows easy detection of offline disks. An alarm will sound off if the software detects any offline disk.
• Set Rebuild Priority – This feature allows users to manage resources being used for rebuilding. Users can select from lowest to highest depending on how much resources they preferto assign to rebuilding. The higher the amount of resources, the faster rebuilding is.

Other manageable functions under settings include spindown idle disk, local host access restriction, and port number.