Hide Window Hotkey 3.1

Elongsoft Software (Freeware)

Hide Window Hotkey is a simple application that allows users to immediately hide windows and programs that are running on the desktop. It is a privacy application that can be used when the user is in an environment with plenty of people. The program can be controlled using a mouse hotkey or a keyboard hotkey. The application has a simple user interface, which makes it easy to use for both novice and advanced computer users.

On the main interface, users can control which programs to hide with a shortcut. Information will be displayed on the main window, such as the window caption, status of the window, class name, and the automatic action for the window. The application can be set to automatically start at system start up. It can also be hidden on the system tray when not in use. Under the Options window, users can set the hotkey for hiding programs, showing programs, and closing programs.

Here are more features of the Hide Window Hotkey program:

• Users can rearrange the list of windows that appear on the desktop based on preference
• Support for password protecting windows that are hidden from view
• Capable of displaying window property of applications on the computer