Hide & Secret 1

Anarchy Enterprises (Shareware)

Hide & Secret is a casual game wherein the player’s main goal is to find hidden objects on the screen. In this game, the Treasure of Ages has been stolen by the thief Jacques. Stealing this item gives Jacques access to its mystical powers, which he will use to conquer the world. The main characters, Anna and Will, are then given the main objective: to stop Jacques from taking over the world and retrieve the treasure in his possession.

In Hide & Secret, the player has to find all items on a list given beforehand. The list is displayed on the rightmost portion of the game screen. When an item is found, it is immediately crossed off the list. The game has 30 levels. A hint meter can be used in order to find the items immediately. After using one clue, the hint feature cannot be used until half a minute after. The game can be played in either relaxed mode or expert mode. In relaxed mode, the hint meter refills itself faster. In expert mode, the hint meter refills slower than in relaxed mode. Also, a penalty is issued when randomly clicking on the game screen to discourage cheating.