Hide My IP 5.3 (Shareware)

Hide My IP is used for changing the real IP address of a computer to a fake one to avoid detection. Hiding the IP address protects the user’s identity online. This prevents hackers and other malicious websites to detect the location of the user. The program has a one-click feature that allows the user to hide the IP address instantly by clicking the ‘Hide IP’ button on the program’s main interface. The program changes the Internet Connection Settings of the system and reroutes the connection through a fake relay to change the system’s IP address. The software is completely compatible with popular web browsers, such as Netscape, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

Additionally, the program is compatible with other applications, such as popular email clients, games installed in the computer, and even instant messaging programs. Hide My IP can also be used to access restricted websites that ban users from certain countries from accessing web content. With the application, the user can visit the website by using a fake IP address.

The application has a simple interface that consists of the information for the fake IP address, the Advanced Settings button, and the Stop Hiding IP button. Users can also tweak other settings on the Quick Settings menu.