Hide IP Speed 2.14


Hide IP Speed is used for keeping the user’s activities and personal information private when doing online activities. The application is capable of hiding the user’s IP address. This program is simple and easy to use even for those who are not computer savvy. After installing the program, its icon will be displayed on the computer’s system tray where settings and other options can be accessed. After clicking the icon, users have different options including seeing the IP address, or opening the options window.

From the Settings, users can change the country selection for masking the real IP address. The program can also be configured to launch as soon as the computer starts. The program supports different web browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer. There is also an option for users to supply a list of websites where the IP will not be hidden. This can be accessed from the Bypass tab. The program also supports hotkeys. Users can add hotkeys for 3 tasks: starting or stopping the program, accessing the application’s menu, and selecting an IP address to use.

Other features of the application are the following:

• Can be used with a mail service for sending emails that are anonymous
• Support for frequent changing of IP address
• Does not clog system resources